Carbon County Community Transit

Carbon County Community Transit (CCCT) provides two types of service throughout Carbon County.The Lynx is a fixed route public transportation service which operates on a fixed alignment on a publicly published schedule. Riders board and de-board at established stops.
CCCT Shared Ride Paratransit is a coordinated, paratransit (often referred to as shared-ride) transportation service available within Carbon County. Service is dictated by the reservations made by riders and does not operate on a fixed alignment or schedule. The service is public transportation and is shared ride in nature in that service is scheduled to serve multiple rider trips at the same time.

The Lynx
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CCCT Shared Ride
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CCCT is administered by the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANTA) under contract with Carbon County. The service is operated under contract by a private service provider, Easton Coach Company.